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A woman has recounted the tale of how the kind offer of ‘ink therary’ from her tattoo artist left her in tears and with a ‘ruined arm’ after the design ended up looking nothing like she’d hoped

We all know that getting a tattoo can be a pretty big decision as for most people, the inking is for life.

One woman, who already had several tattoos, has shared how she was recently offered a free inking from her tattoo artist after he heard she was going through a rough time.

In a post on TikTok, a user named @itsmehollyholliday, explained that she was going through a separation from her husband and as such a local tattoo artist said he’d give her some ‘ink therapy’.

Holly claimed she’d had work done by him previously, so trusted him to do another great tattoo, reports The Daily Star.

She picked out a gorgeous design to go on her forearm, featuring flowers, a stack of books and some stars/sparkles, however, things didn’t quite go to plan.

In a series of videos online Holly, who lives in the US, shared how her arm had been “ruined” by the tattoo artist leaving her “angry” and “crying”.

Her original post was captioned: “I’m so angry, I’ve cried so much. I trusted this artist, he’s done great work in the past for me… My trust is now ruined and so is my arm.”

In this clip, she showed off the botched inking, with wobbly lines and random shading.

A follow-up video saw her provide more of a backstory, saying: “I get to his house about 8:30 and I’m there for like an hour and a half, we’re just talking back and forth,” she says in a follow-up video.

“I’m playing with the dog, no big deal. He starts getting everything set up and like I said, just normal conversation, I did not think anything was off.

“So he gets me in the chair and starts free-handing a design based off of the original cute little book tattoo I found online. I didn’t want this exact, thing just something like it.

“He drew it on, looked great, I made sure the placement was fine. Everything looked good.”

Holly goes on to explain that after he’d started on her arm, she noticed his hand was bearing down quite hard and going back and forth, then his head began to droop.

So she asked him if everything was ok.

When he replied, she claims he was slurring his word, which is when she became rather freaked out and tried to come up with a plan to get out of there “without p***ing him off”.

She added: “I am fully aware that I am at fault here for not stopping the artist sooner, but I was trying not to put myself in a situation where it could have escalated to something worse.

“I’m trying to conjure up a story and I noticed that the linework was s***ty. I keep looking over every once in a while and it’s making me sick to look at. There’s a random line right here. I don’t know what that was supposed to be.”

As well as a botched design, Holly shows how she also ended up with a random ink mark on her hand, as he caught her with the needle while getting more ink.

Eventually, she managed to get out of his house, by getting a friend to call with a fake emergency.

“He has contacted me several times asking me to come back and let him fix it but I don’t want to go back to this man,” she adds.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with this man, I’ve not even confronted this man about this tattoo yet. I’m still just livid about this tattoo.”

More than four million people have since watched Holly’s original video, with one person branding the tattoo “insanely bad”.

Another replied: “Looks like a child got hold of a tattoo gun.”

While someone else asked: “How did he mess it up this bad?”

A different user added: “Please please tell me this is a joke and that’s not permanently on you?!”