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Two men have been branded ‘unlucky’ after candid photos from a nightclub in Greater Manchester appeared to ‘catch them in the act’ of eyeing up women on the dancefloor

A candid nightclub photo has gone viral online and left people cracking up after it appeared to catch two young men ‘in the act’ of eyeing up girls on the dancefloor.

Photographer Alex Brown was working at Liquid and Envy in Oldham, Greater Manchester, taking snaps of people having the time of their lives.

He took one shot of a pair of girls partying the night away and it wasn’t until it went up on Facebook that people spotted what he’d also captured in the background.

Two unknown men stood behind the blonder and brunette and look as if they are checking them out.

Alex, from Royton, Oldham, says he was only told of his image’s popularity by the nightclub’s DJ last weekend and he’s since joked he ‘feels sorry for maybe catching them out’ – but admitted they could simply have been trying to get past him taking a photo.

The 27-year-old photographer explained: “It could be one of those things where they weren’t actually looking and they were trying to get past, but it does look like they were looking at them. It looks pretty funny.

“I feel sorry for the lads because I might have caught them out there a bit, but it happens. I didn’t mean to catch anything like that. It was a complete coincidence.

“I remember taking the photo but I didn’t notice anything. The girls were enjoying the chance to get a photo and I was just focusing on them.

“I’m always keeping an eye out for anything that looks inappropriate but nothing like that stood out to me with this one.

“I wasn’t even aware of the photo going viral, but the DJ told me about it when I went into work.

“I’m editing these at the end of my shift at about 5am, so admittedly every now and again I do miss something. I sort through ones that are definitely not suitable to go on.

“Normally I’ll get a message from someone telling me to take it down, but nobody’s been in touch about this one anyway.”

He added that he’s surprised this photo has captured the attention of so many Facebook users, but he’s found the reaction funny.

The photo, which was taken between 12am and 2am, has now racked up more than 162 interactions – including many laughing faces from amused fans of the nightclub.

One person jokingly commented on the picture, writing: “Hahaha caught in the act.”

Another said: “I know where them lads are looking. Baited.”

While a third posted: “Caught in 4K. Unlucky.”

Liquid and Envy have been contacted for comment.