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Chocolate fans have taken to social media to share their disappointment after opening the first doors of their Cadbury Heroes advent calendar and not loving what they found inside

As the month of December gets underway, people will be getting up each morning and opening up the little cardboard doors of their advent calendars.

No matter how old we get, there’s still such pleasure that can be derived from having a chocolate surprise each day.

Or so we thought…

However, it seems some people weren’t quite so happy after taking a look behind door number one earlier this week.

A few chocolate fans who had purchased the Cadbury Heroes advent calendar claim to have been left fuming and disappointed after discovering they had been given a Creme Egg sweet for December 1.

Some people proclaimed on social media that it had “ruined Christmas” for them while others thought they were “being punished”.

Over on Twitter, one user asked: “Why was the first day of the Heroes advent calendar a Cream Egg. Clearly December ain’t gonna be a good month.”

While another person demanded a refund, saying: “Nah my first chocolate in the Heroes advent calendar is a Creme Egg. I want a refund.”

Someone else wrote: “Got a Heroes advent calendar. First door I open is Creme Egg, day ruined and Christmas cancelled. Fuming.”

However, not everyone was upset by the Creme Egg chocolate.

One relived customer posted: “Thank god the first door of my Heroes advent calendar was a good one cos if it was fudge or an Eclair I’d of cried.”

A second thought: “You know it’ll be a good month when the first chocolate in your heroes advent calendar is Creme Egg.”

The Mirror have contacted Cadbury for comment.

This isn’t the first time an advent calendar door has divided people – last year many were left outraged when they received mini Bounty bars on the first day opening their Mars Celebrations calendar.

And some say they had Bounty chocolate for four days straight.